Saturday, June 30

Bush Seeks 'New Strategy' for American Forces

A new strategy is certainly needed.

We should be prepared to defend our national security within reason. Not all eventualities are cost effective to prepare against. And we have to decide how much international peace keeping, 'nation-building', and justice work we're going to do. Probably it needs to be scaled down and done more cooperatively with other nations, or at least with them paying their fair share of the bills.

We certainly owe military personnel good salaries, benefits, and housing. However, we should probably also reduce military personnel.

This reminds me of the article in the recent Wired about the Joint Forces Strike Fighter. It'd be nice to have, it's cool, but we probably shouldn't spend any more money on it. Let's skip ahead to the next generation, unmanned fighters. Our existing fighters can do the job until then.

We need to reduce weapons systems. We don't need the state of the art. It isn't cost effective. We're already a far superior military force to any in the world.

We certainly don't need a missle defense system that may not work. Again, it isn't cost effective. We could pay a lot of 1 billion $ ransoms and still have money left over.

Morale is a big concern and it should be improved. This could especially be done with clarified goals (along with the already mentioned financial improvements).

There you have it.
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