Friday, June 1

How about something a little more personal for the weblog? I sense you asking this question. Okay, here it is, a little, personal update from Sean.

The big thing on my mind is ‘newcity’. We’re starting a new, satpm night worship service tomorrow night. I’m in charge. This satpm I’m leading worship and preaching. I won’t usually do that much, though. Will people come? Will it minister to people? Stay tuned.

Also, I’m preaching at 3 services sunday morning, and maybe officiating communion. That won’t be so bad.

The kids are loads of fun. Elizabeth has these whole routines about me and Wil being sick, being scared of thunder and Scooter the carrot of VeggieTales. It gets tiresome repeating them all the time with her, but they’re pretty amazing. We’re going to the zoo this afternoon for members only night. We hope to get some good tours in, but we’ll have to see if the kids can hang with it.

I’ve read RA Salvatore’s ‘The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime’ and Ursula K LeGuin’s ‘The Telling’ recently. Pretty good.
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