Friday, December 15

The war in the Middle East is breaking my heart. Though there's plenty of guilt to go around for all sides, I'm disturbed by the USA's continued involvement, especially militarily. Sure, I understand that there's a lot of pro-Israel money heading toward politicians and media. Still, even the disproportionate violence ought to raise an eyebrow or two. Here's an article about the West's pro-Israel bias (via The Web Today). Here's The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (If you link there you'll get a popup that prompts you to download the Hebrew language support. You only need it if you plan on reading the site's contents in Hebrew. Otherwise, just cancel that prompt and move on). It's made up of Israelis who protest the violations of Palestinian rights. They have a recent report about the current events. If you're not educated on this topic, please get that way, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Add to some of the complexities of conservative Christians (of which I am one) too often over-identifying with national Israel, and you have a real environment of looking the other way.
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