Sunday, December 31

I preached this morning, but don't have the notes here. I'll have to post them when I get back to the office.

I heard we're going to break the Tulsa record for length of time with snow on the ground. We got a beautiful snow last night and this morning. It's cold but not too cold and not too windy.

However, this snow will surely slow down people's plans this evening. Ours were slowed, since Wil has been a little bit sick - diarrhea and puke yesterday. But he's doing better today.

After the kids go to bed, we're going to watch Notorious and drink a little bubbly.

Cory got me 'Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator' for Christmas. It's awesome! It has a lot of his pictures. It's really cool to see his vision of Middle Earth. You can make me happy, too, by getting me something off of my wishlist (you might remember that it's my birthday tuesday).
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