Saturday, December 23

Nathan's new site has the tag line 'electric boogaloo', which I always love to hear. Can you name the reference?

Nathan says his weblog is one big unasked opinion. My take is that by reading a weblog we are implicitly (and maybe explicitly) asking for opinions. That's what most of the logs I read are.

I'm in NC for Xmas. I'm a little sick so that about 50% of the time when i move i can hear/feel the blood rushing in my ears.

I'll probably post again before Christmas, but just in case I don't, God bless you this Christmas. I hope you experience God's real presence. As we tell our kids 'When we give presents at Christmas, it's one way of saying "happy birthday" to the Baby.'. Happy Birthday, Jesus. And, in the words of the angel, Gabriel 'Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to those who fear Him.'.

Have you noticed my alternative punctuation? I've decided quotation marks should be used like parentheses, that it increases the potential power of grammar, know what I mean?
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