Thursday, July 31

I give up

I keep failing to lose weight and keep it off. I've lost 20 pounds at least 4 times.

So I'm finally going to give Weight Watchers a try.

I know lots of people who have had success with WW, including Paul and Benet.

Why haven't I tried it sooner? I guess I hoped I could succeed at a lower level of commitment, without paying for a solution and going to meetings. I always said if I didn't succeed I'd join WW. Now I've finally done it.

I'm trying the online version first. It's a little easier (no meetings) and costs a little less. Would meeting with people I don't know to weigh in once a week help me? Maybe, and if the online program doesn't work, I'll probably try meetings next.

(Yoda says 'Do or do not. There is no try.' Does that really apply to life?)

So, now I'm on the program and tracking points online. Everything's going swimmingly so far. Now I just need to keep it up day after day... Believe me, I know I need to change my lifestyle and my bad eating habits. I keep failing at that.

Two things I'll have going for me (since I'm not doing meetings):
  1. I have more invested. It costs money. I think this will be a motivation.
  2. I'm going to institute a Friday weigh-in here at 'interact'. You folks will be my meeting.
Now, I should hasten to add that I've tried weigh-ins via email with my family and Christine and Kathy. Didn't work so well. Eventually we fell off the wagon. I'm hoping this will work better. Benet does a very good job of publishing her weigh-ins on her weblog, so I'm taking a leaf from her book.

I think I wrote before that exercise is actually going ok. I'm doing yoga and calisthenics, shooting for 6 days a week. I'm also thinking of taking the six week, one hundred push up challenge (GSR will be so happy ;-).

Another goal: next year's big European air show is NOT during RAGBRAI (unlike this year). So I have a tentative goal right now to ride RAGBRAI again next year. And I'm pretty sure it would be better to ride at 170 than at 200.

Oh yeah, 170 pounds is my main goal, with the possibility of reevaluation at that point. 170 puts me toward the top of the ok BMI range for 5'11". I weighed in at 206.5 this last Monday morning, but will switch to Friday weigh-ins from now on, so there's another one due tomorrow.

Please wish me well and, if you're a prayor, will you pray for me, even if it's just when you read these posts? Thanks!
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