Wednesday, July 9

I continue to rock

Well, I'm just over three weeks into my Guitar Hero career, and it's going pretty well. I've earned four or five stars on almost all of the Medium songs and beaten Lou two out of three times I've battled him.

Further, Shane and I completed a co-op career on Medium at his house.

Now I'm starting on Hard and, man, is it a big jump. Only thing to do is chip away at it.

You know what would be great? If learning real guitar was as much fun as guitar hero. It's not, and I know, because I play a little guitar.

Seen a couple articles that say Guitar Hero has led to a surge in people learning to play actual guitar. Here's one: Guitar Hero: Gateway Drug to Six-String Bliss

I assume, someday, Guitar Hero and learning real guitar will merge for those of us who want it. There are already some outliers:

Fretlight is an 'interactive learning system': a real guitar with LEDs in the fretboard that light up where your fingers are supposed to go. Pretty cool (but not Guitar Hero, obviously).

Guitar Rising looks like a more complete realization.

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