Friday, May 2

Iron Man!

I liked the movie a lot. I especially liked the fx. They looked fairly 'natural'. The casting was good. Fun movie that I'm looking forward to seeing again (can't decide if that's going to be in the theater).

Note: if you go, stay until after the credits!

Checking the Wikipedia entry highlights what I don't like about comics: the series become like soap operas after awhile with all of the crazy twists and turns. The movies are almost better in this regard: they can pick and choose the best parts or the storyline.

The Forbes Fictional Fifteen has Tony Stark at #10 (and also features favorites Bruce Wayne (8) and Princess Peach (15)).

Furthermore, I also found a list of the the ten Smartest Superheroes from an old BusinessWeek. I often think about how superheroes compare to one another in intelligence. I think the three smartest in Marvel are Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark. Can we pick a smartest one from those three? If so, why and how?

I have a lot less feel for who's the smartest DC hero. Bruce Wayne doesn't seem to play in the same league as the three Marvel guys (unless you want to start talking strategy or operations).

What do you think?

I guess this ended up as more of an Iron Man springboard than an Iron Man review. Suits me ;-)
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