Sunday, May 18

Dune Ivy Thriller

Jeez, have I really not updated since Tuesday? Crazy.

+ One reason I haven't updated: I'm submerging in the Duniverse. Finally watched Children of Dune via Netflix and it launched me back into the novels, starting with Dune Messiah, which are sublimely beautiful. Only minor complaint: too many antiheroes. Maybe my tastes are immature, but I really prefer a hero and sticking with his/her point of view. Guess I'm more of a YAF-kinda guy ;-)

+ Poison ivy update: not too bad. Two spots on my right wrist that are past the oozing stage. I think I'm safe everywhere else, but I never count that blasted stuff out until there's no sign (unless I've had the cortisone shot below my waistband ;-)

+ Want to see something freaky? Philippine convicts recreating the Thriller video.

My question: who authorized using that girl amidst all those convicts?! No way I'd do it!
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