Wednesday, May 21

Distant Early Reverie

'Distant Early Warning' was my introduction to Rush, as far as I remember.

(Sorry, can't embed the video, but you can watch it on YouTube's site.)

The 80s-ness of this video is amazing. 2/3 mullets, obsession with the danger of the Cold War (with good reason!) a la Strangelove, funky-shaped bass and drums, skinny tie (Alex), coat sleeves pushed up (Geddy), knees-together dance (a favorite style of mine ;-).

Nevertheless, I think the song holds up really well.

My friend Aaron Retish was the only Rush fan I knew.

(Google says Aaron now teaches Russian/Soviet studies (goes nicely with this video!) at Wayne State University. And he looks about the same!)

I still don't own a Rush album, but the singles I own (via Amazon mp3s) are: Tom Sawyer, Limelight and Distant Early Warning.

My friend, Kurt, hates Geddy Lee's voice, but I think this is unreasonable ;-)
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