Monday, April 21

Minor update

What have I been up to? Not much. Nothing extraordinary, just slacking in my online presence/pursuits. A few notes and links I've been saving:

+ The weight loss is going slow, probably because I'm still eating too much ;-(

+ But exercise is going well, consisting of calisthenics, dumbbell exercises and yoga. Glad to have some muscle tone and fitness back!

+ Paul, Carol and Mary Stokes visited Spain, almost exactly the same places I visited... 19 years ago:
If it´s Tuesday, then . . .
Saw the Alhambra
Back in Madrid. Whew!

+ Speaking of Spain, I wanted to watch some highlights of Pau Gasol. Not too exciting, honestly. Someone said he's got a small forward's game in a center's body. That sounds right to me. Constantly scores, but none of the normal flash like dunks or aerobatics.

How's that for a minor update?
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