Thursday, April 24

Keeping my Daughter and Son at Work Day

I kept Elizabeth and Wil home today to 'shadow' me in my work. We have had fun talking about work.

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work had some good activities I could use and print out.

I asked them what they learned about my job and they said: it's sometimes boring, I'm a telecommuter, I need times of quiet (when I'm editing or proofreading), that the weblog I edit for AvWeek [Ares] got over 2000 hits yesterday, it's sometimes interesting, I make a lot of money [compared to my old job and their own experiences of money], and I 'make the Internet' [what I often tell them].

I asked them if they would want to do my job when they grow up and they said 'no': too much typing, not-moving and quietness ;-)

As an exercise in doing what I do and in thinking about future work, I had them each write a post that we put up on twinlog this morning.

Then we went out for a 'business lunch' at Longhorn Steakhouse.

They are playing outside right now, having some recess time that Christine assured them you do not get when you have a job! :-)

We're in the final glidepath now for our day; they have some reading and math they need to do before 3pm.

I think Christine feared this was going to be one of those things I sort of schlepped through (like Ireland trip planning) and that all of us would be unhappy, but I actually had some good ideas and did some planning and fun was had by all.
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