Thursday, March 27

This is only an(athema) test

+ Did you know anathema literally means 'something set apart', but the connotation came to be idols (v. Judaism or Christianity), so it took on the meaning of 'accursed'?

+ Ok, I don't get a ton of hits or comments around here, anyway, an that's totally my own fault for writing so occasionally.

That to say, I bet if I put up this Google Chat badge for you to respond directly to me when you do visit the page, I'd get even fewer comments.

What do you think? Comment OR chat! ;-)

(On preview: Oh, wait. I thought it gave you a chat BOX. Looks like it's just a link for Google Talk (chat) that you already have to be registered for. Would some of you non-Google chatters click on it for me and see what happens? This has become a test.)


Brad B. said...

Hi Sean!

The link lets "Guests" chat, so no worries there.

I like it, but only to compliment the Comments.. Comments can turn into a group discussion and can carry on months after the original post... chats go away like the wind! (or something like that!)

Jim said...

worked for me! Good to talk to you!

subadei said...

The link informs me that you "might be away from your computer." As for the "comment or chat" bit. I'm all about comment. I've tried chat and found myself woefully inadequate in keeping up with the commentary. Though I suppose if it was a strict two or three party chat it'd be a bit easier.

Sean said...

yep, as Brad and Jim noted, the chat badge works for guests who do not have Gmail or Google Talk.

i agree that comments are better. they allow for asynchronous conversation (like Scrabulous allows asynchronous Scrabble ;-)

thanks, guys!