Tuesday, March 25

Some links I've been saving up

(If be 'saving up' you read 'being a slacker and not posting' ;-)

+ The reason I've been slacking online so much. GSR and Jim both asked me where I've been and my slack has not been all (or even mostly) due to my gramma's death.

Two things that occurred to me Saturday morning (I don't know why):

+ It'd be nice to have a comprehensive list of irregular English plurals, especially those coming from Latin and Greek. A Google search isn't too bad. And this Wikipedia entry is a good place to start. Note the 'snob plurals'!

+ You know those political tests that put you on at least a two-dimensional grid (here's one)? It'd be nice to have a graph like that for think tanks. Nothing jumps out at me, but here's one list that kind of gives them some context.

If you knew them well enough you could place them or take the quiz for them and place them. But knowing that much about think tanks might also make you kind of a loser ;-)

+ NPR had REM on yesterday promoting their new album and has their recent concert at SXSW available to stream. The interview stuff was pretty fun to listen to. A couple of the songs on the new album are ok (I also listened to them on the Facebook app, iLike). Kudos to REM for making them available. But Michael's way too preachy in these lyrics v. Evangelicals and conservatives in general for my taste (and I'm prone to criticize both of those groups myself!) Some of the older material they played in the concert was ok, but just ok.

+ One literal rendering of the etymology of remunerate could be 're-gift' ;-)
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