Wednesday, February 27

Wil Meade, Fencer

Wil had his first fencing tournament on Sunday. My goals for him were 1. to be a good sport and 2. to try his best. And he did. It was great.

Technically he lost all 10 matches he fenced in, but he was the second youngest kid there. And he said 'As long as you try your best, you can't lose'. Absolutely right, and his coach quoted him in his tournament wrap-up email.

All of that to say, Christine put up five pictures from the tournament. In retrospect, she should have gotten a shot of me pacing and shouting encouragement and a shot of my hooking Wil up to the electronic scoring system. But I didn't think of that 'til just now.

On the fencing technique side, Wil had some good attacks and ripostes, which I really enjoyed.
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