Friday, December 9

QB thoughts

+ Seems like everyone wants to credit Brad Johnson with the Vikings resurgence. It makes for an easy storyline, but it's lazy journalism, to me. Don't get me wrong. I like Brad a lot. I'm glad he's back. Dude's got a Super Bowl ring. But he's just doing his job, along with the rest of the guys. Daunte was overdoing it a little, but I don't thing that was losing games (I could be wrong). I think the single biggest (sort of tangible) factor has to be the defense getting their job done more consistently. If they weren't holding people, we wouldn't be winning anything. The team has toughened up and they're showing the resolves to win games. It's interesting to watch, and we'll see how it progresses.

+ Bad news for Jaq: Tom Brady is SI's Sportsman of the Year. I really like Tom, obviously. I like his intelligence and hard work. He includes his teammates in his successes and took a much lower contract than his 'market value'.

If there's any criticism I have, and it's a very minor one, it's that he seems almost too diplomatic. He always says and does the right thing (barring the occasional interception). Is it calculated, or is that another one of his gifts? Don't know.

Anyway, I agree that he is this generation's Joe Montana: not as physically gifted as some, but with the grit and smarts and wherewithal to win.
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