Friday, December 9

The morality of spending cuts and tax cuts

Interesting observation by the Dem.s: the Repub.s are fixin' (note the Southern idiom) to give back more from the budget in tax cuts than they cut from the budget recently in spending cuts. They said they had to cut 'popular' social programs because we're spending too much, then they go and give more back to mostly 'investor class' people.

Now I'm not blind enough to think this is a zero-sum game. It may be the case that tax cuts for investors stimulate the economy. Does anybody really know? If so, does it stimulate the economy enough to produce a rising tide that lifts all boats? And, if not, are we content to let poor people continue to live with inadequate housing, food, transportation, etc. that, at least, damages the future opportunities of their children?

What do you think?
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