Friday, December 9

Pentagon politics and open-source law-making

+ Mark describes himself as a 'conservative' and a 'hawk', but he still has a withering criticism of the Pentagon:

I am deeply, deeply, troubled by the Pentagon move to cut troops in the midst of a manpower crisis during a war in order to protect the postretirement golden parachutes of the Chairborne Division of the Career Desk Cavalry at the Pentagon. This is the sort of in the bones corruption that loses wars and brings down republics.

+ I really wish I had more time to hang out at Democracy 2.0 and post some laws. It's an open source law project. People write laws. If you disagree, you write and post a different law.

That would be a bad use of my time, given all of the other things I waste/invest it on/in. But you might be interested.
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