Friday, November 5

Yesterday, the links

Given that he lost, I'm glad Kerry conceded and that thiselection didn't go to court, as I feared. He seemed pretty classy. On the other hand, I saw President Bush on CNN yesterday being unneccessarily confrontational over a question of Supreme Court nominations. More conciliatory, please...

The election maps you've likely already seen: degrees of purple by state and blue, purple, and red by county.

kottke on the election and how 'we're all stupid' (except Karl Rove). I agree with a lot of this (though not the 'learn science from the Bible' crack).

Eric's got some thoughful reflections on the election.

Barnett on the election: 'shared social values trumped mistakes in the steering of the global war on terror', 'people on the coasts are often people on the fringes of everything I readily hold dear, and their arrogance about the "little minds" living in the middle is just too galling for words'.

Follow-up to yesterday's post: Moral Values Propel Bush to Re-Election

From cells to bells, 10 things the Chinese do far better than we do. The we in this article is technically Canada, but it still applies. I've got my eye on China's economy more as I've been reading Barnett.

Matt's got a post on the new prefabricated homes. In the article they focus on the Glidehouse (too-much-Flash warning). Pretty swanky.

One group estimates that BitTorrents account for 35% of Internet traffic. Whoa. My first torrent was the Jon Stewart Crossfire.
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