Saturday, November 6

More election stuff

More red-blue-purple maps, this time adjusted for size of county. (via kottke)

Another (joking?) proposal to split the US into Red and Blue nations (I saw - and linked - it first from Eric (at the bottom)). To remind you, here's a map of how they turned out. If it came down to a vote like this, I wonder how the states would vote... I wonder where I would choose to live. Of course, you can argue that we're already like this a little, if we're a federal republic of states. I think Barnett would argue that, to some degree.

And Brad posts the United States of Canada (I hadn't seen it yet):

Here's a purported correlation of state IQs and votes. Guess what it looks like? He's worried about bandwidth, so I'll post it as well:

You'll think I'm crazy, but part of what I take from this is IQ isn't everything. Maybe that's another way to think about the divide in this country:

Red: values over intellect
Blue: intellect over values

Want to help me sharpen this up? Interact!

More: Jeez, will this thread never end (not sure what it's doing to your feed-readers. I don't read my own feed)? Anyway, Jaq links an article that says it was security and not values. Maybe.
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