Wednesday, November 24


Deficit Hasn't Tamed Appetite for Pork. No surprise, and all the Congess-members seem guilty. We have representatives so they'll make responsible decisions, not pander to constituents. Aack!

Deadly Tomatoes Strike Texas, La., Miss. (That's how I read the headline at first, anyway. Is it ok to laugh about that misreading when the article reports that someone died? I think so...)

Archaeology Filter: Archaeologists Discover Bronze Age Site [in Northern Scotland].

Typography Filter: kottke on Futura. Maybe I'll use it more.

That reminds me to comment on the big trend toward bending lower-case 'l's. Not sure if I like it yet, though I think it is more readable.

Froogle has added wish lists. Mine. This is cool because you can put anything in it that Froogle can find. Much broader than Amazon.

A thread on downloading broadcast shows via BitTorrent (instead of recording them yourself). So far it's not stealing because their broadcast for free anyway. Ok. So I downloaded everything, set everything up, went to TVTorrents, and...

couldn't find anything on the first page I wanted to watch. How's that for funny? Well, it's all set-up now in case I see something advertised while I'm watching football that I'd like to see later. *shakes head*

Note: I've been a lot happier since I've started closing Bloglines during the day. I don't constantly have new posts I feel I have to read. They wait pretty patiently until I get to them.
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