Wednesday, September 18

My Lawrence Lessig number is 1 (thinking of the Oracle of Bacon).

Matt works with Lessig on Creative Commons and Eldred vs. Ashcroft, and I once had dinner with Matt.

I was reading about Lessig last night in the latest Wired. I'm not totally alarmed yet that the day is over for our digital freedom unless we win Eldred vs. Ashcroft, but Lessig makes a compelling case.

I'm going to contribute a little by placing a button here on my website.

Interestingly, Matt had a post about a month back about Lessig's big speech at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference. He linked another guy who rewrote the speech (critique first, scroll down for rewrite in italics) in what everyone agrees is far more compelling form. You might want to read it to get a good, quick sense of what's going on.
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