Tuesday, July 2

Now you can officially watch the Two Towers preview (instead of the bootleg).

Jackson's making this Two Towers connection explicit, which is probably necessary. However, he's changed it from Minas Morgul to Barad Dur, which is also probably necessary. However, the original Saruman as an unwitting tool of Sauron rather than a willing ally was better (of course). Jaquandor had a good post about this featuring the teaser poster (which design I've basically copied).

The Helm's Deep stuff looks good.

Nice to see Eomer and Faramir.

Gandalf's 'resurrection' is out of the bag.

Overwhelming disappointed feeling this time: that now Eowyn bests Aragorn with a sword. Let me see, that's one chick per movie. Who's next...Rosie Cotton?
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