Tuesday, July 30

I really liked Paul's imaginative article about Google Marketplace in the future. And you think I have a Google obsession. Paul's written about them before.

But is it really going to take RDF for Google to go this direction? I don't think so. It seems like overkill. Seems to me like Google's on the way to getting this info whether we put it in RDF or not.

Of course, part of the implication of such developments is that no one has any privacy anymore. Can we live with that? I think maybe. I'm not worried about it. But it's something to be monitored.

And anyway, if people had the Marketplace Manager he mentions, the RDF would become unnecessary.

Sometimes web pros want standards we don't necessarily need. Is this such a case?

The Agent's job could be accomplished by the MM. I see it as a profile page on Google. Or you could just go through the opening page. Paul's got a few too many schemes here. Occam's Razor: do it with as little as possible.

I don't see the blackmarket possibility that Paul writes about. Do you?

Then Jason wrote in a similar vein, but without mentioning Paul. Could he have not read it? Weird.

I wonder what they think of these ideas over at Google. Chances are, it's already part of the plan.

(ps - both of those sites mention Amazon Light, which is really a much nicer interface. What I'd like, though, is to be able to do this stuff in the URL box of explorer, kind of like UltraBar. OneCommandLine(R).
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