Thursday, February 28

Ok, I didn't say enough about TCPC's 7th and 8th points. I don't want to be guilty of damning by faint praise.

I really agree with the goals and means of these points: striving for justice and peace among all people; bringing hope to those Jesus called the least of his sisters and brothers; costly discipleship, renunciation of privilege, and conscientious resistance to evil.

The Other Side is another organization with similar aims. They go so far that employees only make around 20k$ - on principle.

I really, really believe in them. As a matter of fact, it generally leaves me without a country. I don't fit in with 'progressives' like these because I'm theologically consevative. But I don't fit in with conservatives because I'm socially 'liberal'.

One group of folks kind of like this is Evangelicals for Social Action. And I haven't met any of them in Tulsa. It can be a little lonely.
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