Monday, February 19

The Web Today links to a Progressive Review article on the troubled state of democracy (gee, and I thought '' signified 'pro-revolution', which might not be a bad thing).

The biggest thing I take away from the article is the conviction that less people are participating in our democracy because it's not working. Why participate when the corporations and wealthy have the most say? I don't think it's going to change until the politicians do some campaign finance reform and some other things like it. Sure, a grass roots campaign could help to push that through, but it's got to go through the system at some point.

Yeah, and what's up with NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? I read in Wired that they oppose free radio. Now this:

'The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and NPR now headed by former government propaganda officials.'

Man, I'm disaffected today. I don't particularly feel it. Maybe I'm unconciously angry.
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