Friday, February 16

Holy cow! Miss one day of surfing and you miss the meme completely. There's a video going around the net like wild fire called 'All Your Base Are Belong to Us'. It's pretty funny. Go here and click 'video' in the sidebar if you want to see it. There's discussion over in MetaFilter, naturally. (I was tempted to type 'natch', but I resisted.)

Toward the bottom of the MetaFilter discussion breaks out some hacker code: '1337'='leet' short for 'elite'. It seems that computer kids came up with some funky transcription. They exchange numbers and letters. '1' in place of 'l'. '3' in place of 'E'. '7' in place of 'T' (think early computer fonts). Therefore

j00 n07 m4d hax0r!!!! j00 n07 31337!!!! j00 g07z n0 m4d 5ki11z!!!! (via ookamaka on MetaFilter)


you not mad hacker! you not elite! you gots no mad skills!

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