Thursday, May 14

A few links I've been saving for you

+ Something I find strangely fascinating: Catfish noodling, a technique in Oklahoma whereby guys catch giant catfish with their bare hands by reaching in through the mouth and grabbing the fish by the gills. kottke's got a post on it with links to the PBS documentary and a video I'm going to re-embed here.

+ Old, but still funny: 'It's about time. The swine flu gives a terrorism-weary America another infinitesimal risk to wildly over-react to.' - Greg Knauss

+ Disney Star Wars Weekend Posters: pretty funny.

+ Ok, I linked Bjorn Lomborg on Facebook recently and had some friends really put him down (and, I felt, my views, by extension). But I still think he's right, though he transgresses the 'scientific' orthodoxy. So here's the latest I've seen from him: Don’t Waste Time Cutting Emissions.
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