Tuesday, April 28

Draft thoughts

Hmm. Not much to say in the end. Here are three thoughts.

I watched the ESPN analysis.

+ The Shanahan era is truly over in Denver: picked a RB in the first round.

+ I'm pretty excited about the Vikes getting Percy Harvin. He's a Reggie Bush-like talent. Hopefully we'll use him better than the Saints used Bush. Should be a no-brainer, since we've already got a stud backfield. Wonder if he'll get a wildcat formation.

Of course, there are some character issues...

+ So, Michael Oher, who figured so prominently in Lewis' 'Blind Side', has made the NFL with the 23rd pick. And they're still saying he hasn't lived up to his potential. Interesting that he went to Baltimore, where Jonathan Ogden has been such a stud.
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