Sunday, December 21

Sufjan Sampsonia S***

Cleaning out my blasted tabs. It was 42 tabs in 6 windows as of yesterday morning. I'm currently down to 19 in 3 windows.

+ I've had this one open for quite a while, and it's from 2005, but it's still really funny (someone posted it on Facebook the other day: Chinese Factory Worker Can't Believe The S*** He Makes For Americans.

To Tell the truth, I didn't even read it. The headline's enough.

I've often thought this, especially with some of the stuff the twins get in Happy Meal's: The Chinese worker who made this must think we're crazy.

Or, more probably, wishes they made so much money that they could throw around crap like we do.

+ The new Sufjan Xmas album is out! I haven't even listened to it yet, but will endeavor to today. Someone has put it up. My ethic: listen away. Buy it if you like it.

+ Brad mentioned fun with Google Maps on Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh.


Sampsonia Way? Didn't I work on a house down there when I worked for the Pittsburgh Project?

Yep :-)

Ok, that was everything postable. Down to 14 tabs in 3 windows. Much better. Gotta run!


Lydia said...

Hey Sean! Thanks for the headsup on the new Sufjan Christmas album! Hope y'all are well!

Jaquandor said...

Does your computer have enough memory to keep that much crud going at once? Wow!

Sean said...

L: you're welcome. yes, we're doing well

J: yeah, but just barely :-(