Sunday, December 7

Siobhan, Paul, Jaq, Mal (and IC)

+ Should we have named Elizabeth 'Siobhan'?

(Irish feminine of 'Sean'. Jean:Jeanne::Sean::Siobhan. Pronounced 'shi-VAWN' (approximately)).

Answer: almost certainly not. Not only would she always have to spell it, no one would ever be able to pronounce it. And it's probably a little too Sean-centered.

Three informative links: 1 2 3

But, extremely cool name.

Don't worry. If we had, Wil wouldn't be Sean William ;-)

+ I find out from Paul that the gender analyzer thinks there's a 75% chance that this weblog is written by a man.

+ Jaq has a long post about enjoying Firefly/Serenity, which we sure enjoyed, too.

+ But something I've been thinking about recently: I'm just not willing to take on the commitment of a tv show and all of its episodes. We watched the first season of Battlestar Galactica together and I watched the fourth and then we were done. Firefly's shortened run was just about right for us. I wonder if I would have kept watching it if they had kept it going...

+ Iowa City is one of only three cities in the world that is a City of Literature according to UNESCO (along with Melbourne and Edinburgh). Cool (but didn't bother to research the specs).
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