Sunday, November 2

Fall back, Sunday morning catch-up omnibus!

+ Did you see that Gmail has a bunch of smileys now? Pretty fun. I'll probably mostly stick with the old school smileys, but my daughter sure will like these!

+ Even better, for me, is you can now add your Google Calendar in the Gmail sidebar. This is already improving the quality of my marriage (Christine gets a little annoyed when I don't check the calendar...)

+ Benet joined the Quantum Library conversation. Her most-read book is East of Eden. Whoa.

+ I'm late on this link, but did you see The Christian Science Monitor will no longer publish daily. Whoa.

+ Can't resist the sarcasm: the Jews could write in 1000 BC!

+ Can resist sarcasm (barely): MTV has a YouTube-style website now with videos including embedding! For you, I pick MGMT, 'Time to Pretend':

+ Miscellaneous Obama stuff from the last week (and, at this point, if Obama's not your man, just go ahead and keep that to yourself, alright? This thing'll (probably) be over one way or the other on Tuesday):

Recent video clip. Nice tone:

The Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Should Vote For Obama (Andrew Sullivan, who Tom has me reading for him)

The Economist endorses Obama
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