Friday, November 30

I am now the world's biggest CBS fan

It's terribly bourgeois, I know, but we got a new TV over Thanksgiving.

We'd seen a good price in the KMart flier (ah! sub-bourgeois!), but weren't planning on going to KMart (or any other store) on Thanksgiving.

Plans change. Elizabeth came down with a fever on Thanksgiving day and we had to go get medicine. We tried Rite-Aid, but it was closed, so we ended up at KMart.

I decided to check the TVs, since we were there. They were out of the one we'd been looking at, but the salesdude said he'd check...

And he found one more they'd been holding for someone who never came, so we bought it!

So I've been working since then, trying to get everything set up. We needed to get a new tv stand, which after some travail (and two extra trips by Christine back to Target), we got put together yesterday.

All of that to say, our reception (we are the only people we know in Columbia without cable) is as bad as it has always been, except for 19.1, CBS is glorious HDTV.

I like CSI (the original), but never watch it. Maybe I'll have to start... ;-)
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