Monday, February 21

Today's links

Did you see the cards you can print and cut out to hand people who are talking obnoxiously on their cell phones?

Dare we hope that peace might break out in the Middle East? Israel freed 500 prisoners as a show of support for Abbas. Syria might pull out of Lebanon. All of this following on a successful election in Iraq. I'm one of the biggest cynics around, don't worry. But I try to be open to hope. Here's hoping...

Who was the greatest president? Lincoln or Reagan, according to two recent polls. I don't feel educated enough to make such a decision. My own views seem based on who history has pushed (Lincoln, FDR, Washington, Jefferson) or my own bias (anti-Reagan). I have positive feelings about what I've learned about Madison, but I couldn't back it up from fact right now. What do you think?
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