Sunday, February 13


I've been thinking about a lot of things to post, just haven't got around to doing it. Now I'm fighting a savage sinus infection. Ugh. So we'll see what comes out here. ;-)

Blogger has a new comment system that's a big improvement over their previous one which shows current comments and you can set to pop up.

In the meantime, I've thought up the end-all for me to keep up with comments. All we need is a little box on the comment page that you check for 'email me subsequent comments to this thread'. Then the email comes, with a link to the comment, and we all keep up better. So, now I release you, my minions, to go lobby your comment system to comply with this new standard. I will take a modest 10% commission. ;-)

Like Barnett (maybe b/c of), I think the Bush Ad. is taking too hard a line on Iran. Tom thinks we should co-opt them.

My gut reaction on the Sunnis in Iraq: they've got some marginalization coming, because of their years of minority rule over the Shiites and their calls for boycotts. Wah! I got to thinking that the insurgency was probably being fought by more-conservative-than Shiite-s, but this article says it's being mainly fought by Sunnis. Now the political 'horse-trading' begins. It's familiar, but there's plenty of that often un-principled compromise that I don't like.

My audioscrobbler page. Man, I've got some great music (especially shown in the 'Top Tracks' (scroll down))! ;-) Mainlining a lot of Xian stuff today since I didn't take my infection to church. Bring your comments.

Lots of interesting Google-stuff going down: the new Maps function, an offer to host some Wikimedia pages, fired one of their staff for logging, switched to getting their definitions from Their stock is going through the roof.

Sad the NFL season is over. Funny that both All-Star games are this weekend. Oh well, I'm starting the transition to NCAA basketball in preparation for March Madness. There sure are a lot of Patriot-haters out there, which is fine. I still like'em.

That's enough for now.
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