Monday, September 29

Moneyball redux

Though I haven't read 'Moneyball', I like reading about it. And I think I've got the general idea without reading the whole book: the young turks in baseball are transforming personnel approaches by watching stats and money closer and making good trades.

Here's an article on Moneyball from a pure business angle.

So here's a short article on where Billy Beane, Moneyball's central figure, is today.

The Red Sox have adopted this method, promoting 28-year old Theo Epstein to GM. He's doing pretty well.

I think the thing I like most about Moneyball is the way it breaks the rules and works. It's innovative and smart. There are lots more Moneyball posts over on Blissful Knowledge's July page (scroll down about half-way for the first one).

From what I've read, the Patriots and Eagles try to manage their cap carefully, too, in a similar way. They're both struggling this year. That's part of it. The parity in the NFL and enforced salary cap make that a different deal.

Here's a post that includes comments about Moneyball's penetration in the NFL.

(I'm sure there are other NFL teams doing this, too. Maybe the Bills (?). Hopefully that will defuse Jaq's ire at me implying something positive about the Pats :-)
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