Monday, September 22

It was a great weekend for football

Iowa beat ASU on national TV saturday night. Of course, the announcers were focused on ASU. As Iowa took command. They started to say ASU was beating themselves. We finally pummelled them into submission. We didn't hear much of the commentary anyway. We were having my brother's bachelor party weekend, eating grilled lamb and drunken goat cheese and drinking some yummy Ridge.

Sunday we went to The Fox and Hound and watched a bunch of games at once, focusing on the Vikings game (the Bucs-Falcons was secondary). It wasn't pretty, but the Vikes won another one to go 3-0, all in their division. That puts us in the fabled catbird seat.

I watched a little of the Bills-Dolphins last. Since I have Bledsoe and Moulds on my fantasy team, it was pretty disgusting, and I was too tired to stick with it anyway.
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