Thursday, June 6

Wired's Sci-Fi Top 20

This link did the rounds a while ago, but I didn't have time to comment on it. Check the list first. Form your own opinions. Here come mine.

First of all, I think this is a pretty good list. Some I still need to see, most notably 'The Road Warrior'. (I haven't seen 'The Boys...', but I did read it.) I think 'Akira' is profoundly over-rated.

These movies are predominately dystopic. In fact, nothing else cracks the list until 'Star Wars' at #10 (counting 2001 as neither). By my count, 15 of 20. Conclusion: smart sci-fi critiques the people we will probably become.

Here are my honorable mentions:
Close Encounters
The Empire Strikes Back

Note the directors: Ridley Scott gets 2 of the top 7. Stanley Kubrick gets 2 of the top 6 (and 1 of my honorable mentions). Cameron has 2 of my honorable mentions, with one on the real list.

Top actor in sci-fi: Harrison Ford, especially on the strength of 'Blade Runner'. Honorable Mention: Charlton Heston (the Harrison Ford of his day? or Ford's the Charlton Heston of his day?), NRA activity notwithstanding.
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