Tuesday, June 11

If you've been around here awhile, you know that I like to plot where I am in social, economic, and political thought compared with people and ideas on the web. So when Steven lays out some of his beliefs, I want to interact with them.

I'm pretty liberal, socially. I value diversity and room for people to choose various paths. I value social freedom, especially over against social order. I think we've got a lot of social order, some of which is extraneous.

Economically I guess I'd have to be called liberal, too. I do think government should be limited. I do think we should keep many things in the private sector. Profit motive helps keep things honest. Bureaucracy is objectively a bad thing. However, and this is the kicker, I do not think private wealth is an objectively good thing. It's okay. But I think people ought to have more of a right to a decent living than to wealth. While there are profound problems with State sponsored distribution of wealth, I prefer it in comparison to the alternatives.

I'm probably politically libertarian, at least as defined by Steven (and I'm fine with accepting his definition).

All of this is pretty nuanced, compared to the normal, bipartisan schlock we endure.
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