Tuesday, October 23

Some thoughts on the current situation in Afghanistan (reflections on this article):

There are a lot of civilian deaths and collateral damage. What do we think about this? Is it acceptable? Will it create more terrorists and further ill-will toward the US in the Middle East and around the world?

How do we feel about the refugees that are being displaced? Do we want to help them and the countries that might receive them? How?

Never, ever, forget The Law of Unintended Consequences. What might they be in this case?

What kind of government will come into being in the wake of the Taliban? It's hard to believe it would be worse, but will it be better? Will we contribute to a better government? How?

The Taliban has been fighting opium production. Will it go up as they are weakened? Is that okay? Will we address that?

How do we plan on addressing Islamic fundamentalist terrorist support in Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq?

What should our relationship be with Pakistan? If they will join us in the fight, are they our friend?

What other countries are we cozying up to in coalition-building? Is it okay, for example, for Russia to have a free hand in Chechnya if they will support us?

How do we view Afghanistan's already-oppressed civilian population? Do we want to make any plans to help them? Do we have any?

There are more questions, but these are a start. This situation is extremely complex
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