Friday, October 12

If you spend a lot of time around weblogs, you've seen diveintomark in the last couple of days. However, if you're not, you might want to check it out. Here's how his entry for Tuesday started:

Welcome to my weblog. I hope you enjoy it. I just got fired for it.

Long story short, Mark posted a harrowing essay about his addiction (from which he is recovering. He's currently not practicing it. I recommend you read the essay, or at least start it. It's long.). His boss asked him to take it down. Mark refused. He put up his resume (which said where he worked), and he got fired for insubordination. There was a big discussion on MetaFilter.

I thought Mark's stuff about addiction was good - powerful.

A lot of the discussion on MeFi was about the boundaries in weblogging. How does your personal life affect your professional life? How should it? Should there be self-imposed restrictions? What if your professional life is public, at least to some degree (as Mark's was and as mine is, as a pastor)? What happens, then, when you make your personal life public to some degree?

Surprisingly, a lot of the MetaFilistines were not sympathetic.
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