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Dallas Willard: More Material

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Dallas Albert Willard was born in Buffalo, Missouri, USA, September 4, 1935. He married Jane Lakes of Macon, Georgia, in 1955. They live in Southern California, where Jane is a Marriage and Family Therapist. They have two children, John and Becky (married to Bill Heatley), and a granddaughter, Larissa.

Picture and bio courtesy of Dallas Willard's website and Dieter Zander

Acclaimed Writer and Respected Teacher Dallas Willard Dies, IVP

A Life Renovated for the Kingdom, IVP

Dallas Willard, Jesus Freak: Todd Hunter remembers his friend, mentor
Dallas knew that much of the evangelical world had reduced Jesus to one thing he did: shed his blood. As unspeakably important as the cross is, valuing it and forgetting the rest of Jesus’ ministry has led untold numbers of people to become, in Dallas’ memorable phrase, “vampire Christians.” Vampire Christians are people who want a bit of Jesus’ blood so they dodge hell but really don’t want anything to do with him. They had no vision for, or intention of, following him.
Dallas taught and embodied something better. We heard Dallas as a teacher discuss it, but we also witnessed him carry on his life as an apprentice of Jesus. ... It was this quality of being, more than the towering intellect, skillful teaching and masterful writing that drew those of us close to him, to admire, love, and cherish him so much.
Life in the Kingdom of God, By Richella Parham

Getting the Elephant Out of the Sanctuary, Interview between Dallas and Gary Moon
When we see the altar in the church, we should think of ourselves upon it. This is our way of identifying with Christ on His Cross and in that way, entering into His life.
Dr. Willard's Diagnosis, by Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
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