Monday, February 20

Can't stop the Linsanity!

It's crazy. All of a sudden, I'm practically a Knicks fan and know something about Tyson, Landry, Steve and Mike.

Even the entire Knicks entry splash page is Linsane!

A lot of these links are coming from my friend, DJ Chuang.

[video] 23-minute interview with Jeremy Lin on MSG
DJ has embedded all 4 parts on one page

I've got it so bad, I also watched the recommended press conference videos of Jeremy and Mike from the last two games!

Liking Jeremy on Facebook (which seems to be mostly just his Twitter feed. But you have this from about a month before he blew up:
Everytime i try to get into Madison Square Garden, the security guards ask me if im a trainer LOL
A couple articles:
Faith, sin and Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin’s bold humility
Jeremy Lin challenges stereotypes, as well as defenses
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