Sunday, March 14

Flash Gordon!

I really loved the 1979 Flash Gordon cartoon when I was seven. Oddly enough, it came on Saturday afternoons. In fact, I had it in my Netflix queue. So when I saw it at Target for $5, I decided to buy it to watch with Wil.

A lot of the show doesn't age very well, of course. And, especially as the shows went on, the quality drops markedly.

I really love some of the visual designs: Zarkov's rocket, Ming's ships, the Hawkmen in general.

I really loved the opening sequence, especially the music. Here it is:

Wil and I watched through the 14 episodes on this particular DVD and enjoyed it.

So it got me thinking I might enjoy the original Flash Gordon comic strips by Alex Raymond, and I sure have! Thankfully, our library has the first three volumes of the Raymond strips. Finished the first book last week and looking forward to getting the next volume soon.
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