Monday, January 26

Ken, Mike, Ben, Peter, Dorothy, Ronald, Jack and Winston

Again, I've been very absent from the weblog. Hope you don't mind too much and that you're following my little goings on over on Facebook.

+ GSR calls the Cards the Fake Steelers, and that's not far off. In fact, you can make a good argument that Whisenhunt is more of a Steeler than Tomlin.

I think the Real Steelers will win: their defense is amazing and Ben usually finds a way to win. But, since the Steelers and Ben both won recently (though Tomlin didn't), I think I'll root for the Cards. Warner to Fitzgerald is incredible.

+ The thing that stands out to me about the Steelers is Ben can't keep up like this very long. Sure he's a winner, but he's taking too many hits: three concussions in three years.

+ The main reason I haven't been posting much: I have been mainlining Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy Sayers. Finished the last novel last week (haven't started the short stories yet).

I'm not a huge mystery fan. I think I like Sayers' playful language most of all.

Reading her stuff makes me think that period (between the world wars) was the fullest flowering of Oxford-Cambridge culture. Before pop culture took over those people had such incredible facility in the authoritative texts of their culture. The stuff they could quote, in multiple languages, is so impressive. Of course, that time period also gives us Tolkien, Lewis, Churchill and many others I'm sure we could name.

Rejoinder: that fullest flowering must certainly also have been to blame for some of England's part in those two wars, especially the nearly disastrous lack of preparation for Hitler's rise after the punishment meted out on Germany at Versailles.
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