Friday, July 22

Friday's links

Hmm. Long time no post. No real good reason. Some of it is tendonitis in my wrists. Makes me a little less apt to post in my spare time.

+ I've definitely been enjoying following the Tour, watching updates when I can during the day and listening to podcasts at home at night. Lance should have it nailed shut, barring something catastrophic.

+ How cool is that? This post links the spot where the Powers of Ten video took place, so you can recreate part of it yourself.

+ Funny McSweeney's (via kottke):

Ever wonder what the world's best palindrome is?

"My girlfriend has a freaking weird name: Eman Driewgnikaerfasahdneirflrigym."

+ Tiffin grows

This is crazy: Tiffin project in the works

The growing town of Tiffin is considering a huge $200 million facelift that would include an outlet mall, hotel, water park, restaurants, condos and office space.

Yikes! I was very worried this would be on our side of the highway. It's not. They're looking at the NE corner of this interchange and we are a couple miles west of this interchange on the south side of the highway.

The next day, the Press had this headline in reference to the article above: Does area have mall overload? The simple answer to that question is 'yes'. And it most certainly would if they built another big mall in Tiffin. The big 'a' Coral Ridge Mall is only 3 miles east of this interchange.

+ Via Brad, a cool little mashup of Google Maps and the Bible. I'd like to see some people really go to town with this, Google Sightseeing style, with links that would work in Google Earth.
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