Wednesday, March 10

William Dembski is my (new) hero

I just finished reading his 'Intelligent Design' and it was really impressive.

His website has a ton of material on it, if you're interested. Of course, his work is more interesting if you are open to non-materialist or non-naturalist explanations of creation.

Maybe you'd be interested in his testimony before the Texas State Board of Education or the ID FAQ he handed out there.

I think Dembski's Vita is pretty impressive, too:

B.A. psychology University of Illinois at Chicago 1981
M.S. statistics University of Illinois at Chicago 1983
S.M. mathematics University of Chicago 1985
Ph.D. mathematics University of Chicago 1988
M.A. philosophy University of Illinois at Chicago 1993
Ph.D. philosophy University of Illinois at Chicago 1996
M.Div. theology Princeton Theological Seminary 1996

I should be explicit that Dembski attempts to explain creation from a purely scientific standpoint. This does not include science that categorically rejects everything nonmaterialist or nonnaturalist (if you don't like this definition of science, let's discuss it).

If this topic were to expand, what specific issues would you be interested in? What (civil) questions would you have? I have no intention of just puking ID on to you. That doesn't usually create dialogue.
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