Sunday, March 10

We've watched a lot of movies lately.

I really liked 'Duets'. I didn't know much about it besides 'Huey Lewis playing a karaoke hustler.' What else do you need to know? It was funny, though genuinely off the wall. Gwyneth Paltrow did her usual wonderful acting.

We watched 'Atlantis' and it was actually really good. I liked the plot and Michael J Fox's voicing. The visual style, inspired by Mike Mignola, was very enjoyable. The demolition expert voiced by Don 'Father Guido Sarducci' Novello was absolutely hilarious. Read Jeff's rave review that inspired me to see it.

I hated 'Gosford Park' compared to its press: boring and plotless, good acting, snapshot of a culture.

I really liked 'Artificial Intelligence'. I didn't like it as much as Jeff (who named it his #1 film of the year).
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