Saturday, April 21

Quebecois fight the power. I'm not saying they're doing it effectively. johnb says:

America, you want a free market? Then how about:

1) unilaterally removing all trade barriers (and leaving the rest of the world alone)
2) introducing genuine "rugged individualism": i.e., dismantle the corporate protectionism built into corporate charter (limited liability etc)

Consider it a dare.

Of course, these trade agreements aren't about free trade. They're about power protecting power.

Not sure I buy point one, but I darn sure buy point two. Besides, john isn't really advocating point one (read further).

(And then I think 'Our economy works pretty well. Would I really advocate messing with it? What about the ironclad law of unintended consequences? Still, ultimately, I think moving toward a freer market and a more humane market would be worth the risks.)

jdunn entropy debunks some common 'protestor' criticism.

In the mortal words of Speech (once a part of Arrested Development) 'If you think this system's working, ask somebody who ain't.'

I like Rebecca's thoughts about what would constitute a successful government/economy.

Put this down for the most intelligent MetaFilter thread ever. Is it because so many MeFi regulars were so integrally involved?
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